Truth or Myth?

No work-at-home scheme is more misunderstood and demonized than network marketing.  At it’s best, network marketing is seen as unimportant mommy-businesses or something strange uncle Bob does to find his fortune. At it’s worst, network marketing is perceived as being full of greedy snake oil salesmen and shysters. But once you get past the old attitudes and misconceptions, network marketing is a viable way to start a part-time home-based business. The first step to success is to decipher the myths from the truth.
This argument more accurately describes a “job.” How often does a minimum wage worker become the CEO? In fact, many quality employees never get the advancement and financial rewards their quality of work deserves.
This argument suggests that only the people who get in early make money, which isn’t true. Many ground-floor members make nothing while many who come in years later make a fortune. The truth is, in good network marketing companies, members can make any amount regardless of where they are in the organization. Income is related to effort, not position.
Further, while members of MLM companies can earn greater and income and rewards based on their effort, they don’t actually change position unless people above them leave the organization. That means, no matter when you join or where you are in the organization, you have an equal chance as anyone else to do well if you do the work.